Enchanting Minor Items


The Medicine skill can be used to create minor elixirs, weak potions, healing poultices, powders, resins and basic poisons. First the ingredients must be found in the wilderness (takes about 1 hour) or purchased in any inhabited locale (time varies, cost is 1d6 gp). Make a Wisdom(Nature) or Wisdom(Medicine) check against a difficulty that varies according to terrain (eg, 10 for a lush forest, 20 for a desert, 14 for a town). Then after 1 hour of preparation make a second WIS roll to create a good batch of the product against a DC listed for each item. Failure indicates the ingredients were wasted and no item was produced.

  • Allweal – a spongy poultice that heals deep wounds and stabilizes amputations during a short rest (1d4 hp).
  • Holy Chrism – a divinely-blessed oil that provides 1d4 temporary hit points if applied by a cleric of that faith.
  • Blood Moss – instantly heals 1 hp of damage, staunches wounds, prevents blood loss.
  • Burn Balm – heals 1d4 HP of fire damage and prevents permanent scarring from bad burns during a short rest.
  • Antiplague – protects against the effects of 1 common non-magical disease for a day.
  • Antitoxin – protects against the effects of 1 specific toxin for a day.
  • Rejuvenating Tonic – reduces 1 level of exhaustion.
  • Morphius Powder – stabilizes a mortally-wounded person in a coma so that they can be moved (CON save 12).

The Nature skill can be used to create the items listed below. Preparation is the same as Medicine above.

  • Allweal – a spongy poultice that heals deep wounds and stabilizes amputations during a short rest (1d4 hp).
  • Black Mushroom Powder – when ingested causes hallucinations for 1d4 hours (CON Save 12).
  • Paralytic Powder – produces paralysis when inhaled (CON Save 12)
  • Powder of Madness – produces temporary insanity when inhaled for 1d4 hours (CON Save 12)
  • Common Poisons – such as Viper’s Blood or Venomwood Resin.
  • Scarlet Spores – quickly eats into and damages leather, iron, wood and bone materials.
  • Fairy Stone – made from a stone naturally worn into a donut, allows one to see fairies.
  • Smokepowder – produces a cloud of smoke in a 20’ radius around the point of impact.

The Arcana skill can be used to enchant the following minor items, however preparation time is 1 day to 1 week:

  • Amberglass – a golden glassy material that can contain volatile substances like acids, elemental essences, etc.
  • Aphrodesiacs – various lust stimulants and love philtres to aid in seducing the opposite sex (CHA Adv).
  • Magical Pigments – useful for inscribing summoning circles.
  • Tanglefoot bag – created from expanding vine plants coiled with special springs and sticky resins.
  • Thunderstone – minor magical items made from solidified smoke and bone meal.
  • Divine Incense – helps with summoning Outer Planes servitors, whether devas or devils.
  • Fetishes & Charms – minor one-use items that confer a temporary advantage under specific circumstances.
  • Fragrant Oils – act as perfume for better CHA checks or can protect against evil magic.
  • Ceremonial Masks – bonus to CHA checks when negotiating with summoned otherworldly creatures.
  • Neutralizing Gel – negates a small quantity (1 gallon) of acid or strong alkali, or a single magic potion.

v1.0 Rules subject to change at GM’s whim.


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