Kandarm's Reach

A magical longbow containing the spirit of a dead ranger

weapon (ranged)

Kandarm’s Reach is an elegant ebonwood longbow inscribed with the celtic knots and patterns found among Sword Coast rangers and hill people. The bow’s lustrous material feels solid and non-slippery to the touch, and the dragon sinew bowstring positively hums with the anticipation of launching an arrow.

Kandarm’s Reach is an enchanted Longbow+1 with the following abilities:

  • The bow’s range is increased to 250/1000.
  • Once per encounter it can make a called shot to an especially vulnerable part of an opponent like an eye or wing (if it exists), causing +2d6 damage on a successful hit.
  • Partially sentient and will not harm Neutral Druids or Rangers, arrows cannot be nocked.
  • Requires attunement.

The bow comes with a set of strangely-adorned arrows in a finely-carved owlbear-leather quiver:

  • Six Spiralling Arrows+1 that spin at incredible speed while in flight and penetrate (ignore) armor.
  • Five Cinder Arrows+1, which explode in flames on impact dealing an additional +1d6 dmg / round for 1d4 rounds.
  • Eight Razorleaf Arrows+1, which split into 3 thin sheaves that deal an extra +3 points of damage to unarmored opponents.

Kandarm of the Kryptwood was a Master Ranger who ranged throughout the northern Sword Coast and made his base in the ruins of South Krypt, where he fought green dragons and other foul beasts. One day while travelling with a Harper bard companion, he spotted a distant figure on a tor and quickly identified it as a Necromancer of Bhaal he had been tracking. Although the necromancer was a league away from their location, to his companion’s amazement Kandarm drew his bowstring and launched a volley of arrows at his nemesis, one of which struck the foul Bhaalite in the eye and killed him. From this miraculous event the Harper’s coined the phrase “Kandarm’s reach is as long as Kandarm’s sight”, and from that day few troublemakers wished to be seen by any ranger from afar.

When Kandarm finally passed away he was buried with his favored bow in the South Krypt. The barrow was raided during the Spellplague years and Kandarm’s treasures were lost during that time, but it is said that a part of his spirit still resides in his weapons, eager to fling itself at foes of the natural order.

Kandarm's Reach

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