The Onyx Demon Blade

weapon (melee)

A sentient greatsword of pleasant but unnerving disposition, Hazirawn is capable of speech in Common, Draconic, Infernal and Abyssal. It is a greatsword+1 for anyone using it without attunement. It seems keen to fight dragons and its powers remain unknown.

Anyone attuned to the demon blade and working towards its goals gains the following powers:

  • It becomes a greatsword+2.
  • It does +1d6 necrotic damage.
  • It is a minor dragonslayer and does an additional +1d6 damage against dragons.
  • Spells: Hazirawn has 4 charges, regains 1d4 per day at midnight.
  • Spells: Detect Magic (1 charge), Darkvision 60’ (1 charge), Detect Thoughts (2 charges).


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