The Naeratyr Library

The collection of books looted from Castle Naeratyr



1. The Mating Habits of The Hippogriff – 4gp. This book is practically incomprehensible because of terrible diagrams. If, by chance or skill, someone can unriddle the book, that person will find it has little useful information. Making the book virtually useless, it appears that the contents are less than original. Examining the book, one will find: Bookmarks marking informative information. Pieces of paper with notes, in a recognizable, but foreign language, that comment on errors in the book.

2. A Dissertation on the Economic Historiae of the Empire – 1sp. This book is very easy to understand because of incredibly well-done and helpful illustrations of trade flows and price fluctuations. This clarity allows one to determine that it has little useful practical information. Making the book virtually useless, it appears that the contents have been mostly copied from other books.

3. The Circulatory System of Trolls – 12gp. This book is hard to understand. With time, intellect, or both, one can make sense of the book, and it will reveal it has some useful information on troll anatomy. At least the contents contain some original thought. Examining the book, one will find: Written notes expanding on speculative information in the book.


4. Recent Prayers to the Hearth God – 1sp
5. The Economic Battles of the Amnish State – 1gp
6. Cormyr’s Foreign Military Invasions – Tilverton 5sp
7. The Frontier Chronicles – 2sp
8. The Damaran Baronies’ Glamorous Bards – 1gp
9. Principles of the Ancient Military Leaders of Murghôm, the Draconarchy – 30gp
10. A Dissertation on the Cultural Chronicles of Mintiper – 3gp
11. The Philosophical Readax – 5sp
12. Waterdeep’s Famous Murderers – 7sp
13. The Well-Known Powers of the All-Powerful Forge Gods – 1sp
14. A Comparative Evaluation of Battleaxes and Highbrands – 3gp
15. Minor Minions Serving the Omnipresent Night Gods – 5cp
16. The Net: A Discussion of Wartime Uses – 12gp
17. Important Glamours for the Distinguished Gentleman – 45gp
18. The Glandular System of The Sea Serpent – 4gp
19. Arithanar’s Advanced Alchemy, Volume XII (20gp, 300gp as part of the whole set)
20. An Orison to the Eternal Light Goddess – 1gp
21. The Falchion: A Revised History – 2gp
22. Research Notes on the Sleeping Patterns of The Manticore – 10gp
23. Ancestral Scroll of One Hundred & Four Wise Sayings – 8sp
24. The Journal of Illusion & Other Hidden Matters, by Innominata – 6gp
25. A Map of Skullport & Environs by Mihar Schek, with annotations by Sangalor of the Secrets – 50gp


Commander Greyborn and Wyrmspeaker Rezmir selected these books from the massive piles of loot they captured in various raids. Some are obviously useful to the cult, while others broke Greyborn’s boredom during his duties in the Lizard Marsh.

The Naeratyr Library

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