Onyx Dragonscale Armor

Acid-Resistant Onyx Dragonscale Armor


This splendid, finely-wrought suit of black dragonscale armor is gilt in silver and enchanted to resist all acid attacks. It’s scales are proof against sword blows and hammer strikes alike. Though it is somewhat heavy the scale armor’s magic adjusts it to fit any humanoid size.

Functions as Scale Mail+1 with the Acid Resistant property.


Once belonging to Wyrmspeaker Rezmir the Black, it was taken as booty by Captain Pug during the battle of Castle Naeratyr and helped him survive many an encounter with black dragons later on. The suit was fashioned from the scales, horns and claws of a dead black dragon she unearthed at the Well of Dragons, and served as her primary suit of mail before she found the Black Dragon Mask.

Onyx Dragonscale Armor

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