Laeral Silverhand

Ageless Elven Lady of Shadow & Magic


A stunningly beautiful elven woman with silver hair and emerald-green eyes, Laeral wears clothing appropriate to her circumstances: either elegant gowns in the noble houses of Waterdeep, intricate gilded armor during war councils or more practical chainmail when battling monsters in the Underdark.

Laeral Silverhand once commanded immense magical forces, both as an Archmage and as a Chosen of Mystra, but the Spellplague dissipated most of her power and she has since turned to the arts of diplomacy, finance and deception to pursue her objectives, these being none other than the expansion of the Lords’ Alliance to Tethyr, Cormyr, Mithral Hall, the Dalelands and Westgate. This would, according to her, unite all the demihuman races into a force of good that would be unmatched by any evil empire. She has been pursuing this vision for almost three centuries.

Having been in thrall to the Crown of Horns and forced to commit heinous acts by it, she felt that she understood the nature of evil folk better than most and often acted as a go-between in mediating disputes with rogues, undesirables and sentient monsters, especially in Skullport where she kept an alias identity in the form of Irusyl Eraneth.

Once a member of The Nine adventuring company she is quite familiar with adventurers and considers them excellent tools to achieve difficult objectives.


Laeral was one of seven female spellcasters, born to the ranger Dornal Silverhand and his wife EluĂ©. Collectively they were known as the Seven Sisters, and Laeral is the only survivor of that famed septad. Once married to the famous Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsen (deceased), and having born him a child, she now considers herself a free woman and has channeled all her passion into politics.

The ruination of the Spellplague stripped Laeral of most of her magical prowess, the failure of the experiment of Rhymanthiin scattered her allies, and she thereafter spent most of her time on palace intrigues in Waterdeep and throughout the Sword Coast. She is not well-liked among the Harpers, sharing blame alongside her former husband for having splintered that organization in schismatic in-fighting almost one hundred years ago.

Laeral Silverhand

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