Sir Isteval

Retired Purple Dragon Knight, Protector of Daggerford, Ambassador of Cormyr


A knight in shining armor who walks with a limp and uses a dragonbone cane to assist him, Sir Isteval is aged and far more cautious than the legends of his deeds make him out to be. Having seen a century of suffering, he seems disposed to speak softly and the fiery zeal of his youth is much diminished. Perhaps this is why he was chosen as the diplomat to represent Cormyr at the Council of Waterdeep. Sir Isteval is a man of impeccable character but little political influence on the sword coast. He is an example to countless paladins and knights but many of them – such as Sir Onthar – are surprised at his cautious, diplomatic stances in the current war.


Sir Isteval is a retired Paladin of Lathander. He lived a retired life in Daggerford until he felt that others needed to follow the shining example that was his homeland so he gathered individuals with the same ideals and set forth to combat evil and chaos.

Isteval’s place of birth was the Cormyrian town of Eveningstar. He joined the Purple Dragons while still a teenager, and was noted for his impeccable character. His desire to bring justice and defend his country brought him into conflict with many enemies in various locations. Some of his more battles were against the vicious orc bands of the Stonelands, dispatched Zhentarim agents along the western frontier, and making a valiant stand in Thunder Gap against Sembian raiders.

Sir Isteval

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