Outstanding Quests

The following are major and minor quests that are still incomplete, or things that might be worth investigating during downtime:

  • Destroy the Cult of the Dragon before it summons Tiamat.
  • Find the Tomb of Diderius and his magical divination pool.
  • Kill, capture or turn the cult Wyrmspeaker Varram the White.
  • Prevent the Cult of the Dragon from allying with the Serpent Realm of Najara.
  • Explore the other destinations of the elf-gate found in the Shadow’d Lodge (if possible).
  • Find a cure for the Golden Stag Princess’s curse (or just find a sage for her).
  • Pay Daggerford’s back taxes and convince the Council of Waterdeep to send reinforcements.
  • Convince the Emerald Enclave that the Balance is threatened by the actions of the Cult.
  • Repair the damaged arcane scrolls Soveliss found in the harpy nest.
  • Read the Liber Draconis tome, Sammaster’s insane magnum opus (aka The Scaly Way).


Completed Quests

These were completed during the course of The Hoard of the Dragon Queen:

  • Defeat or negotiate with the giants of Skyreach Castle.
  • Get the Hoard of the Dragon Queen from the frozen walls of Glazhael’s Lair.
  • Return Ildaera, the formerly-kidnapped Masked Lord, to Waterdeep.
  • Return to Waterdeep with news of the destruction of the Shadow’d Lodge and other intelligence.
  • Remove the cult’s control of Skyreach Castle.
  • Assault Skyreach Castle and defeat both Rezmir the Black and her black dragon Glazhael.
  • Destroy the cult’s HQ in Skullport and escape through the elf-gate to another cult destination.
  • Infiltrate the Shadow’d Lodge, Cult of the Dragon base in Skullport, and rescue the Masked Lord.
  • Take the Lime Path from The Yawning Portal through a section of Undermountain to find Skullport.
  • Rescue a kidnapped Masked Lord who has been taken by the Cult to Skullport.
  • Downtime activities in Waterdeep.
  • Travel to nearest settlement (Daggerford) to report news and establish contact with various political factions via Duke Maldwyn, Sir Isteval, Lord Ranger Winterhound, others.
  • Return Castle Naeratyr to a living state and set the dragon-turtle-castle free.
  • Eliminate Commander Borngray and the cultists; Interrogate Azbara Jos, the red wizard.
  • Ally with Snapjaw and the lizard-man tribe who had been dispossessed by Pharblex Spattergoo and his bullywugs.
  • Infiltrate the giant, undead dragon-turtle that is called Castle Naeratyr.
  • Trace the destination of the cultists’ stolen loot through the Lizard Marsh.
  • Save the merchants and the entire caravan from cultist attack at Liam’s Hold.
  • Follow the magical golden stag to its hidden lair.
  • Travel in a caravan of merchants to spy on the hidden cultists.
  • Follow the cult caravans transporting loot to Baldur’s Gate.
  • Travel to Elturel to meet with Sir Ontharr Frume, a paladin of the Order of the Gauntlet.
  • Investigate the army encampment and explore the Hatchery Caves.
  • Rescue Leosin the Sage from the draconic reavers.
  • Determine the source of the attacking army (The Cult of the Dragon).
  • Rescue the town of Greenest from a terrible attack by kobold and mercenary raiders.


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