Major NPCs

winterhound.jpgCLOUD ISLAND
Faerhog – arrogant cloud giant, younger brother to Blagothkus.
Blagothkus – cloud giant, giant leader on Skyreach.
Erf & Foogh – two deceased hill giants.
Ildaera – Masked Lord, revealed to be a female soldier or knight from Waterdeep.
Glazhael the Cloudchaser – black dragon based at Skyreach, mistress of Rezmir.
Rezmir the Black, wyrmspeaker, religious commander of The Black Wing of Tiamat faction.
Dances Beneath The Moon – cloud dragon in repose?

Inkarlos – one of the leaders of The Mandible, the biggest gang in the port.
Korriben – the halfling innkeeper of The Old Knave. Has a sister of loose morals.
Talis the White – dragonsoul of Tiamat, big dragon fangirl, turncoat.
Captain Othelstan – dragonfang of Tiamat, commander of The Shadow’d Lodge.
Venothy – blue half-dragon myrmidon of Tiamat.
Zstulkk Ssarmn – slavemaster of The Ring Reforged.

Open Lord Neverember – current city leader, only known Lord.
Sir Isteval – retired Purple Knight of Cormyr, respected Dragonslayer.
Delan Winterhound – Lord Ranger, Emerald Enclave.
Riana Nightshade – tiefling Blademistress in the Mistshore ward.
Mirt the Moneylender – respected banker, former adventurer and Masked Lord.
Bronwyn – proprietor of The Curious Past curio shoppe, Harper agent.
Durnan the Wanderer – owner of The Yawning Portal, entrance to Undermountain.

Borngray the elf, military commander of Castle Naeratyr.
Pharblex Spattergoo – bullywug shaman and deranged leader.
Snapjaw – lizardman from Castle Naeratyr.
Jamna Gleamsilver – sneaky gnome from the caravan, “clerk from Waterdeep”.

Cyanwrath the black half-dragon, cultist military commander in the Greenfields.
Frulam Mondath the elf, cultist religious commander in the Greenfields.
Lennithon the Blue Dragon – which attacked Greenest and evacuated Frulam.
Leosin Erlanthar the elf, scholar from Candlekeep, captured in Greenest.
Onthar Frume – Paladin of Torm, dwarf, Order of the Gauntlet in Elturel.
The Golden Stag – aka the Nameless Elven Princess.
Carlon Amofel – Harper agent found buried in the caravan road.
Ulder Ravengard – Duke of Baldur’s Gate and Commander of the Flaming Fist mercenary company.

Kobold – cannon fodder
Cultist – thug
Initiate – low level magician
Acolyte – low level cleric
Dragonclaw – guard
Dragonwing – elite guard
Dragonfang – military commander
Dragonsoul – high priest
Myrmidon – advanced specialist
Wyrmspeaker – one of five main leaders
Grand Leader – ???

Black Wing of Tiamat
Cobalt Claw of Tiamat

Major NPCs

The Dragon's Jewel Riujin