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The Forgotten Realms Falls to the Drakarchy!

This area will serve to describe and list all the people, places, items and monsters the Ring of Adventurous Men has encountered in their meandering across these lost lands. The Dragon’s Jewel is a customized Tyranny of Dragons mega-adventure based on the two new D&D 5th Edition books: Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat. Many changes to places and NPCs have been made but the main storyline remains the same.

Party Status: Wounded, haveing just defeated the water weirds & mihstus inside Xonthal’s Maze.
Date: 30th of Uktar, the month of Rotting, 1491 Dale Reckoning, the Year of the Scarlet Witch.
Current Location: Xonthal’s Tower.

The Ring of Adventurous Men

Forged during the battle of Greenest, the Ring were formerly caravan guards, sell-swords and itinerant spellcasters roaming the southern Sword Coast. Today this adventuring company consists of:

  • Belamir Wolfcaller – A shapeshifting half-elven Moon Druid of Sylvanus, a woodland god;
  • Dorn – A dour Battle-master of many gods, but currently of Tempus, God of War;
  • Pug – A half-orc Ranger & Pirate Captain, now reborn as a Cleric of Valkur, Exarch of the Seas;
  • Soveliss – a secretive half-elven scholar of Oghma and potent Warlock of occult godlings;
  • Varis – a curmudgeonly but reliable Cleric of Sylvanus, God of Nature.


Major NPCs

Most major Non-Player Characters will be listed here, along with whatever the party knows about them.

Magic Items

Items already discovered and those requiring advanced research or having a special purpose can be found here. Trinkets, mementos, non-magical ornamentation and sundry can be added by players.

The Known World

Those places discovered and known to the party will be listed in this atlas, along with rumours of distant lands and base speculation dredged from the wine-sodden tales of tavern drunks and vainglorious bards.


Complete and incomplete main missions, objectives and side quests.

Enchanting Minor Items

Rules for making minor elixirs, philtres, charms and such using the Arcana, Medicine and Nature skills.

Political Factions

For a good reference about the political factions (which player characters can join with a bit of effort) found in the Forgotten Realms, see here: Tyranny of Dragons Factions.

The Memorial

A huge black marble monument rises from a barren, ash-covered plain, engraved with the names of fallen & missing adventurers who perished attempting to stop the tyranny of dragons from engulfing the world:

  • Sai Dagniryryk – Assassin of the night, killed by an otyugh in Castle Naeratyr.
  • Sir Lucius – Paladin of Waukeen, killed by a shambling mound in the Lizard Marsh.
  • Ertheilien Halfblood – Paladin of Bahamut, gravely wounded in the Hatchery caves, taken captive.
  • Rascal – Wizard of strange magics, missing since Baldur’s Gate.
  • Grendell Martel – Barbarian of the Soaring Eagle clan, slain in single combat with Cyanwrath.

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