Magic Items


Staff of the Python – conjures a giant python 1/day. Attuned.
Mail of Frost – chain mail+1, resistance against cold/ice, made of Remorhaz skin and chitin. From Talis the White. Attuned.
Magic Cauldron – can quickly create potions and mixtures of various kinds from magical reagents and components (such as a potion of feather fall from harpy feathers) once per day. Can also be used to test potions. Attuned.

Hazirawn – a demonic-looking, sentient black sword.
Hob Sword – greatsword+1. Captured from a Hobgoblin captain on the Trade Way. Attuned. Glows.
Acorn Shield – miniaturising Shield of Arrow-catching. Gift from the Golden Stag Princess. Attuned.

Storm Blade – scimitar+1 of lightning, dmg+4d10 on critical. Jagged in appearance, forged from lightning itself by the command of Valkur. Refuses to be sheathed. Glows. Attuned.
Bahamut’s Nail – longspear+1 or+2 vs evil dragonkind, requires two hands, 1d8 dmg. Attuned. Glows.
Onyx Dragonscale Armor – a magnificent suit of black-and-silver filigreed mail that also protects against acid damage.

Alchemy Jug – creates several fluids on command, 1/day. From Castle Naeratyr. No attunement required.
Wand of the Warmage – wand+1 on spell attacks. Attuned.
Scraps of Several Scrolls – need to be put together and repaired.

Wand of Winter – magic wand of Ice Storms. From Talis the White at the Shadow’d Lodge. Attuned. 14 charges – Ray of Frost (0 charges, +5 to hit); Sleet Storm (3 charges, DC15); Ice Storm (4 Charges, DC15).
Unicorn Ring – ring of poison immunity. Attuned.


Magic Items

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