Storm Blade

A magical blade that channels lightning

weapon (melee)

The Storm Blade was forged from 5 deaths; that of Pug dying 4 times and being revived 4 times plus the death of Vennothy, Myrmidon of Tiamat, with whom Pug had been locked in mortal combat. Upon Vennothy’s death and sudden conversion of Pug to the worship of Valkur, Exarch of the Seas, a divine lightning bolt struck Vennothy’s weapon and transfigured it into an instrument of deathly worship.

The Storm Blade is shaped like a jagged lightning bolt, is a cutlass+1 and does an additional 4d10 damage on a natural critical hit (20). Because of its magnificence it refuses to be sheathed, and glows a bright yellow-white color that immediately identifies the wielder’s position.


Storm Blade

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