Nightscale Armor

A magical jet-black suit of leathery snakeskin armor


Crafted by Svierfneblin artisans from Underdark snakeskin steeped in alchemical mixtures, it is supple & form-fitting when moving but becomes rigid when struck. Nightscale Armor has the following properties:

  • Studded Leather+1.
  • Confers Advantage on all Stealth checks.

This suit of nightscale armor was worn by the Zhentarim heroine Jamna Gleamsilver, who managed to infiltrate the cloud castle of Skyreach to spy upon the Cult of the Dragon, but was discovered by the fierce black dragon Glazhael and eaten. Her magic items were the only things that survived the dragon’s acidic stomach, and were subsequently frozen within the beast’s glacial hoard.

Nightscale Armor

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