Mail of Frost

Scale Mail of Ice Resistance


A gleaming pale blue suit of mail crafted from the chitin and fur of the weird Remorhaz found in the Great Glacier southeast of the Moonsea.


Scale Mail+1 which confers Cold/Ice resistance upon the wearer.


Hand-crafted from the chitin, bone, fur and shell of the feared Remorhaz, or Great Ice Worm, this suit of scale mail was originally made by Talis “the White” (as she called herself) with the aid of the Red Wizard Azbara Jos for her initiation into the rank of Dragonsoul within the Cult of the Dragon. When her battle with the Ring of Adventurous Men went awry in the Shadow’d Lodge she surrendered her life and all her possessions, including this one, into their care.

Mail of Frost

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