Liber Draconis

The Tome of the Undying Dragon by the Archmagus Sammaster


The Tome of the Undying Dragon (aka The Scaly Way)

The most singular discovery amidst the general detritus of the library at Castle Naeratyr is a complete 1479 DR copy of The Scaly Way of Dragon Undeath, the original treatise by the Archmage Sammaster of the Fallen Chosen on the philosophy and practice of dragon-worship! This baleful volume also includes the ancient magical formulae needed to turn a dragon into a dracolich, a task of no little difficulty even for a large and wealthy organization.

Dracoliches are undead, spell-casting ancient wyrms that are immune to most other magic, can command undead and were the original target of adoration as supreme beings by the Cult of the Dragon 100 years ago…until something changed and they switched to venerating Tiamat.

A ponderous tome of around 600 pages, bound in the shining, jolting scales of a blue dragon, The Scaly Way also contains information about the Dracorage Mythal, a terrible artifact constructed by Sammaster that enraged all dragons in a 50,000 league area in 1373 DR and which nearly destroyed civilization in the Heartlands of Faerun. Many powerful mages and brave heroes were felled by dragons – good and evil alike – who went berserk as a result of this potent enchantment.

Hand-colored and etched plates show descriptions of the more than 30 documented types of dragons within the multiverse, including those types (such as Pyroclastic and Void Dragons) found in the Outer and Inner Planes, and the various methods of subduing, corrupting, torturing, seducing, embalming, preserving and reanimation of them. The experimental concepts written in this dire volume show no moral or magical restraint whatsoever, and will doubtless do unfathomable mental damage to any reader.

There are chapters on Shargrailar and Dragotha, the first dracoliches, as well as ones on all the Dragon Gods, including Bahamut and Tiamat, and all their servitors.

Although the book is highly valuable to collectors and mages of the less savoury kind, it is considered dangerous and heretical by most kingdoms and its possession is punishable by imprisonment in more civilized areas or worse (lynching in less cosmopolitan spots). It would take about 2d6 days to skim the contents of this book and at least 6 months to fully grasp its arcane ramblings (for those of great intelligence and skill in the Art). The original tome was written in ensorcelled molten-platinum script by Sammaster and intentionally enciphered using multiple languages, making it difficult reading even though the code has been broken.


Liber Draconis

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