Glazhael's Dragon Hoard

Glazhael the Cloudchaser's dragon hoard for Tiamat


Pug asked for a windship instead of his share of the treasure, Ildaera declined a share because you rescued her, but half of the hoard and first pick of magic items goes to Blagothkus as per your agreement with him.

500,000 cp = 5,000 gp (500 lbs)
100,000 sp = 10,000 gp (100 lbs)
5,000 gp (50 lbs)
800 pp = 8,000 gp (8 lbs)
21 blue sapphires x 300 gp each = 6,300 gp
14 smaller amethysts, emeralds and opals worth 5,700 gp.

Total coinage & gems = 40,000 gp
- 20,000 gp to Giant
Remainder = 20,000 divided by 4
= 5,000 gp each party member (Dorn, Varis, Soveliss, Belamir).

Magic Items
Salamander’s Tongue – Dagger+2, forged in lava, inhabited by fire spirits, combusts enemies. TO GIANT

Nightscale Armor – AC+3, Advantage on Stealth checks, made from Underdark snakeskin steeped in alchemical mixtures, it is supple & form-fitting when moving but becomes rigid when struck.

Cloak of Thorns – AC+1, Inflicts 2d6 damage using reaction when struck.

Magic longbow and various unknown arrows

1 Potion of Gaseous Form
2 Potions of Greater Healing – 1 GOES TO GIANT
1 Unknown Potion
2 Potions of Invisibility
1 Unknown Potion
1 Scroll of Resistance vs Cold/Ice
1 Scroll of Resistance vs Fire – TO GIANT
1 Scroll of Grease

1 Small Cobalt Charm (Resist Cold/Ice once)
1 Small Foul Charm (Attack becomes Poisoned once)
1 Small Graverobber’s Charm (increased chance of magic item in hoard once)
2 Small Lion Charms (Advantage on Fear checks once) – 1 GOES TO GIANT
1 Small Serpent’s Charm (Advantage on Charm/Persuade checks once)
1 Small Shimmering Charm (???)
1 Small Sanguinary Charm (Add +1d6 to damage once)
2 Small Inertia Lodestone Charms (Cannot be made prone, once) – 1 GOES TO GIANT

Keoghtom’s Ointment
Liquid Ice in a Bottle
6 Thunderstones
3 Sunrods
2 Bloodblock Salves
2 Tanglefoot bags
4 Frosted Globes of Acid
1 Antitoxin Phial
2 Ampoules of Drow Poison – 1 GOES TO GIANT

Formula for Keoghtom’s Staff of Healing
Formula for a suit of Dragon Scale Armor (The Black & Pitted Coat of Scales) – GOES TO GIANT
BLAGOTHKUS also wants to keep most of the corpse of the black dragon for above.

Valuable Objects
Painted Glass Idol of Istisshia the Water Goddess (25 gp)
Arithanar’s Advanced Alchemy, Volumes III and VII. (60 gp)
Gregori’s Manual of Linguistic Arts (200 gp)
Polished Gneiss Stone Jar (25 gp)
A tiny rosewood birdcage [70 gp]
Iron Bell carved with Demonic Shapes (25 gp)
4 Prayer Wheels in Silver, Brass & Coral (500 gp)
Small Silvered Mirror with a Rose Filigree Handle (125 gp)
Fine Cloth Choker trimmed with Sable (25 gp)
Leather Shortsword Scabbard (15 gp)
Leather bound Book (blank) (25 gp)
Painted Glass Rod (25 gp)
A small redwood tea set (40 gp)
Bottle of Exotic Westgate Wine (250 gp)
Carved Ivory Drinking Horn set with Citrine (250 gp)
Sable Talisman set with Zircon (75 gp)
Tooled Leather Sash (20 gp)
Sable Pouch set with Coral (50 gp)
Crystal Stele (490 gp)
Crystal Statuette (of a rat) inlaid with Silver (750 gp)
Leopard Fur Mask inlaid with Bronze (235 gp)
A pristine, velvet blue cloak with burgundy nymphs (200 gp)
Electrum Pendant set with Moonstone (210 gp)
Gilded Wooden Ring set with Star rose quartz (150 gp)
Sable Ribbon set with Bloodstone (250 gp)
Silver Cloth Vest (50 gp)
Leopard Fur Longsword Scabbard (25 gp)
A exquisite Mulmaster puzzle/pain box carved from 7 different kinds of Chultian hardwoods (550 gp)
A battered embroidery depicting the Battle For the Ship “The Duke Peter” (350 gp)
Tooled Leather Coat (25 gp)
Rosewood Totem of a Chultian Panther (150 gp)
=5,265 gp total

Silver Skull (250 gp)
Dragonscale Ribbon inlaid with Brass (220 gp)
Silver Figurine of Memnor, Giant God of Trickery, inlaid with Fine Alabaster (750 gp)
A magnificent adamantium torc with a detailed unicorn motif (350 gp)
A colossal box of silks [400 gp]
Copper Framed Painting (80 gp)
Carved Ivory Drinking Horn set with Jade (122 gp)
Porcelain Stele (750 gp)
Small Tapestry (130 gp)


Glazhael's Dragon Hoard

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