Chuth's Dragon Hoard

A meager collection of reaver's goods


This is only one of the minor lairs Chuth and Neronvain established around the Misty and High Forests, where they stored the valuables they had stolen from small elven villages and towns. Consequently, this is only a small portion of the dragon’s total hoard, the remainder of which will have to wait to be re-discovered by other explorers.

By right of battle these goods, though stolen, belong to the victor. However, you may return up to half of them to their rightful owners if you so desire to generate goodwill among the elves who have suffered at the hands of the Cult.

8,248 cp
3,192 sp
2,214 gp
210 pp
10 Baldur’s Gate trade bars (50 gp each)
20 Five-pounder silver trade bars (20 gp each)

Total: 5,617 gp

Potion of Climbing
Dragontooth Dagger
1 Large Shimmering Storm Charm (Resistance to Lightning when worn, must be worn on body, requires attunement)
1 Small Serpent’s Charm (Advantage on Charm/Persuade checks once)
1 Small Graverobber’s Charm (increased chance of magic item in hoard once)
3 Small Sanguinary Charms (Add +1d6 to damage once)

Neronvain’s Malachite & Ivory Statuette of Fenmarel Mestarine, Elven Goddess of Outcasts & Solitude (1,800 gp to a collector, 800 gp otherwise)
Neronvain’s Diary, The Tome Of The Aires Turned Darke & Horrid (poison manual, highly illegal, 1,200 gp)
Silvered Coiled Dragon Mirror (450 gp)
Tapestry of Demonic Dreams (270 gp)
Black & Silver Candles Shaped Like Nidhogg (200 gp)
8 Ebony Bottles of Evermead Liquor (100 gp each)
Bolt of Bronze Cloth (250 gp)
Electrum Bracelet (250 gp)
Various sundry items: woven baskets, carved amphoras, terra cotta bowls, hemp robes, intricate wooden cutlery, etc. Worth a total of 700 gp but hard to sell.

Total: 4,220 gp (max 5,920 gp)


Chuth's Dragon Hoard

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