Daghda's Cauldron

A magical cauldron that can be used to create potions


A rare enchanted artifact, requires attunement, can only be used by Druids and Clerics of any Nature Deity.

A veridigris bronze cauldron with intricate etchings of druidic Old Faith rituals, herbs, plants and animals knotted together into an intricate grammaton of enchantment magic. The cauldron automatically fills with a silvery, mercury-like liquid when handled and magically resizes itself to the wearer’s scale.


Create Potion – Once per day the cauldron can be used to create a single magic potion, philtre, poultice or similar liquid concoction from special magical monster parts (such as harpy feathers, stone giant hearts or dragon teeth) and rare reagents such as blood moss, mandrake and silverleaf. It’s unclear exactly what formula must be followed but being of the Old Faith allows a Druid to take a measured guess using the Arcana ability.

Augury – Once per night the stars, nature spirits and Old Gods may be consulted as to the feasibility and future consequences of specific actions. Daghda’s cauldron fills with a purple mist that must be inhaled and the resulting vision of future events may be oblique or perfectly clear.


Looted from the stone giants Wiglef and Uldra in the enchanted forest on the Cloud Island of Skyreach by the Ring of Adventurous Men and used to create potions of feather fall from harpy feathers. From initial appearances the cauldron was being used for divination purposes by the stone giants.

Daghda's Cauldron

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