Delan Winterhound

Lord Ranger of Brambles, Protector of the High Forest


“In all good hearts is a spot of darkness, and in all tragedy is a glimmer of light.”

A quiet and introspective wanderer of few words but powerful insight, Delan rose to prominence in the Emerald Enclave because he never allied with any of the powerful factions that compete for influence among the Hierophants and Thorn Lords of its upper echelons, and his political equipoise serves all interests well at the moment. With powerful friends in Nesme and at Evermeet, he is respected even within the cosmopolitan circles of Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate, but his strange methods in neutralizing countless monsters along the Sword Coast without necessarily killing them runs counter to most people’s ways.

He is an unswerving servant of the Natural Order, and works hard to ensure that neither evil magery nor chivalrous civilization overruns his lands. At the Council he seems to be constantly weighing the balance of forces, and seems preoccupied with questions concerning dragons.


Delan Winterhound

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