Tiamat, Queen of Dragons

Queen of Evil Dragons, The Midnight Serpent, Guardian of the Gates of Avernus


She was created alongside her “brother” Bahamut when the Primordial Erek-Hus slew Io, the father of Dragons. Rising from the corpse of her “father”, she and Bahamut destroyed the Primordial, before turning on each other. Where Bahamut represents the nobility and sense of justice his father had, Tiamat represents his other characteristics: avarice, pride, arrogance, and the raw power to get away with it. Unlike her one-headed brother and two-headed father, Tiamat has five heads, with each head being of a different color (White, Black, Green, Blue, and Red). She has the abilities of all of the chromatic dragons, with each head able to use its associated breath weapon, on top of her immense physical size and a massive, sting-tipped tail, like that of a Wyvern.

Tiamat’s realm, known as the Dragonspawn Pits of Azharul or simply as Tiamat’s Lair, sprawls in a cluster of tall hills and mountains near a lake of maggots from which new lemures emerge. One must fly (or, heavens forbid, swim) across the maggot pit to reach Tiamat’s caves. Tiamat’s lair contains the main Ebon Gate to the second of the Nine Hells, Dis. To reach it, one must pass a chamber known as the Cave of Greed, which is filled with cursed treasure that compels the weak-willed to try to steal it. Tiamat has her own chamber within the complex, as do each of her five consorts, but it is possible to travel to Dis without disturbing her.

Her allies, consorts and worshippers have included:

  • An-Ur the Wandering Death, an ethereal Moonstone Dragon that eats demiplanes;
  • Dhakoth the Corruptor, a Void Dragon of unknown origin;
  • Mordukhavar the Reaver;
  • Dragotha the Undead;
  • Sammaster the Boneweaver, an Archmage of the Forgotten Realms who created the first dracolich;
  • Wyrmspeaker Severin of the Cult of the Dragon, who won Tiamat’s favor and found her 5 dragon masks.

She is a vain, greedy, lustful and arrogant goddess, expressing what would be extreme hubris if she wasn’t already a god. Though she is a paragon of dragon strengths, she shows few of their weaknesses; she is not impatient, nor overconfident (when dealing with other gods). Her primary concern is the propagation and well-being of chromatic dragons as a whole, ensuring her children become owners of the world. She believes this goal necessarily requires overthrowing the rule of Bahamut and establishing supremacy over metallic dragonkind. Tiamat never forgets and does not forgive. Although she is not adverse to occasionally burning a village to the ground out of sheer spite, Tiamat is not exactly an up-front goddess; she is a long-term plotter and schemer, carefully manipulating others in Tzeentchian plots that are so subtle and so long-reaching that an enemy would likely find themselves unprepared even if they had foreknowledge of what she had planned years in advance.

Three Dukes of Hell (granted to her by Bel) serve Tiamat and command her armies on Avernus. Malphas leads 40 companies of abishai, Amduscias leads 29 companies of abishai, and Goap leads three companies of erinyes. With Pearza of the Dark Eight, Tiamat created the first abishai.


Tiamat, Queen of Dragons

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