Riana Nightshade

Tiefling Blademistress of the Black Network


“I’m sure we can come to an agreement that all parties will favor. But if not, we have other means of settling the issue. Care for a nightcap?”

A born sybarite and daredevil, Riana has travelled across the Heartlands in pursuit of business and pleasure on behalf of the Zhentarim, the Black Network, and has been very successfull in drumming up business for her masters through every means possible. Her current operations are in Waterdeep, where she has been seen among the highest nobility at Peirgeiron’s Palace and among the lowest of scum in Mistshore.

If a person’s famous or infamous, Riana’s probably had a fling with them at some point. Captain Pug has already made her acquaintance, and has the whip marks to prove it.


Riana Nightshade

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