Rezmir the Black

Black Wyrmspeaker of the Cult of the Dragon


Little is known of this shapechanging half-dragon warrior-woman who managed to capture the allegiance of Glazhael the Cloudchaser, save that she commands a vast network of Cult of the Dragon troops, spies and infiltrators from Baldur’s Gate to Waterdeep and into the Silver Marches.

Wyrmspeakers are those who commune with and command dragons and are answerable only to the unnamed leader of the entire cult. Rezmir has travelled up and down the Sword Coast rallying her faction of the cult, called The Black Wing of Tiamat, to loot as much treasure for her Dark Queen’s return to Faerun as possible.

Some who have caught a glimpse of her describe her as an ugly lizard-thing which spits acid, while others swear she is a beautiful enchantress of unsurpassed charm and power. She conceals her presence in major cities and travels from Cult base to base, and was last seen riding Glazhael around Skyreach Castle.

What her powers and abilities are remains to be seen, though is undoubtedly a most formidable opponent if she was chosen to be one of the five most important Wyrmspeakers in the world.


Rezmir the Black

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