Marshall Ulder Ravengard

Duke of Baldur's Gate, Marshall of the Flaming Fists


“I am trusted with protecting thousands of lives, and I will not betray that trust no matter what my personal desires.”

Though Baldur’s Gate is still recovering from the havoc caused by the resurrection within the city of Bhaal, God of Murder, the metropolis remains one of the Faerun’s most wealthy, populous and powerful cities.

Ulder Ravengard is the incarnation of militarism; the only beauty he appreciates is precision and the only thing he values is utility. Common-born but with the will and skill to rise through the bloody ranks of several fighting companies, his political adroitness gave him control of Baldur’s Gate after Abdel Adrian relinquished his dukedom. Marshall Ravengard acts as Duke of Baldur’s Gate, Warden of Wyrm’s Rock and is the highest ranking officer in the Flaming Fists. He is a meticulous man who forgets nothing and forgives less. Ravengard is stolid and terse by nature, slow to speak and to decide except in battle. But once a decision is made, he never relents until he sees it through. He believes the Flaming Fists are the city’s backbone and the key to its strength and superiority over its competitors, and he will not shy away from war if it brings glory to his mercenary company.


Marshall Ulder Ravengard

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