Onthar Frume

A noble but stern paladin dedicated to the defeat of evil


Chosen to be a delegate to the Council of Waterdeep because of his heroic exploits and rigid morality, Sir Frume does not shy away from declaring war on the Cult. Onthar Frume is based in the shining hallowed city of Elturel and is a singular presence even among the holy paladins of that orthodox land. Proving his dedication to his order after slaying a vampire and a powerful necromancer, Frulam gained his colors and turned to organizing many other holy crusaders and warrior-priests in the principality of Elturgard. He is admired for his natural leadership skills, gruff but fair demeanour and fearlessness, but equally feared for his prejudice against even Neutrally-aligned people.

Onthar does enjoy the fine dining and drinking that his station affords him, though he has not founded a family as yet and considers his chasteness to be one of his moral strengths.


Onthar Frume

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