Maccath the Crimson

Ruby-blooded Tiefling Scholar of the Arcane Brotherhood


Maccath is a member of the Arcane Brotherhood in Luskan, one of the greatest – and also somewhat nefarious – secret society of mages in the North. Always interested in dragon lore and relics, she traveled to the Host Tower of the Arcane to learn about dragon magic and soon discovered that for advancement in this field, talking to a real dragon was a necessity. Remembering the sacking of the Host Tower by the white dragon Arauthator during the Rage of Dragons in the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR, Maccath decided to seek out Arauthator. Circa the Year of the Nether Mountain Scrolls, 1486 DR she lead an expedition to the Sea of Moving Ice and allegedly found the dragon’s lair, but was never heard from again.


Maccath the Crimson

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