A tough-looking, short-haired warrior woman


Once cloaked in fuligin black and covered by a shapeshifting Mask that concealed her identity as a Masked Lord completely, she has now revealed herself to the Ring of Adventurous Men so that her allies in Waterdeep can track her down to the cloud island of Skyreach.

Wearing a gambeson, with a prominent scar on her right cheek and seemingly capable of fighting expertly with a greatsword and dagger, Ildaeri appears to be a warrior of some skill, and her tactical thinking leads you to believe she has a military background.

She has temporarily borrowed Dorn’s magical Hob Sword for battle until he recuperates from the harpy poison.


Ildaera Thann, of the Thann noble house, presenting herself as a mere Shieldar she is actually a Commander of the City Guard during the day and Masked Lord by night. She represents the military establishment and common soldiery on the Masked Council. Her disappearance has thrown the rest of the Council into a panic, with them expecting an invasion of Waterdeep to be imminent. Ildaera is also related to powerful people: Thanilo Dann is her older brother and the Lady Silverhand is her (great) aunt.


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