A treacherous outcast cloud giant


Faerhog claims to be the younger brother of Blagothkus, who exiled him after coming under the enchantment of Rezmir and the Cult of the Dragon. Faerhog appears as a typical cloud giant with blue skin, a flowing mane of white hair, tusks sticking out of his strong jaw and a huge, muscle-bound body that reaches to 19’. He wears bronze bracers, shinguards and a skirt of brass strips attached to a chest-belt.

He has many of the magical powers of cloud giants, among them the ability to turn into gaseous form, a resistance to lightning, the creation of winds, fogs and rain clouds, and of course the ability to fly.

Faerhog is proud of his race and arrogant to the point of rudeness, condescending to speak with demihumans only when it suits his purposes, although he has a healthy respect for “little people” magic and their biting enchanted swords (though he won’t show it).

As a devotee of Memnor, the cloud giant god of trickery, treachery and guile, Faerhog will happily manipulate anyone he comes across, as his flight from the black dragon so clearly demonstrated.



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