A powerful cloud giant and master of Skyreach Castle


With the typical blue skin and long, white hair of his cloud giant kind, Blagothkus still stands taller than many of his brethren and considers himself among the highest in the Ordning, the social hierarchy of the giantish races. Wielding the powers of wind, clouds, fog and lightning, Blagothkus is a formidable spellcaster and also a potent warrrior. He wields a giant morningstar in battle and has lead many a raid on the Lands Down Below during his hundreds of years of existence.

He currently commands Skyreach Castle, but according to his younger brother has been ensorcelled by Rezmir and the Cult of the Dragon into doing their bidding, after sinking into a deep melancholy on the death of his wife, Esclarotta, over a year ago.

Blagothkus loves the fine things in life and wears the finest sculpted brass armor, elegant silk belts and cloaks, and finely-wrought jewelry on every limb and finger. Like most cloud giants he considers himself above all other creatures save dragons and takes what he wants from the lesser races without conscience or consideration, though he does understand etiquette and can be quite accommodating when necessary.



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