Welcome to The Dragon’s Jewel!

A D&D 5th Edition Tyranny of Dragons mega-adventure.

The Dragon’s Jewel follows the adventuring company known as the Ring of Adventurous Men (ROAM) in their travels and battles across the Sword Coast of the Forgotten Realms in pursuit of a mystical dragon-obsessed cult trying to summon Tiamat, Queen of Dragons, into the world. This is a customized version of the official adventure and differs significantly from the original. Spoilers abound, please do not read the information here if you are still playing Hoard of the Dragon Queen. For more details check the wiki. This game is currently full.

“Om mani padme hum – the Jewel That Grants All Desires, the divine moon-pearl chased by eastern dragons in their quest for perfection; the Thunder & the Lightning of the world.”


Warning: may contain sex, violence and divine retribution.


The Dragon's Jewel

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